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Giants of the Ice Age

The exhibition Giants of the Ice Age took visitors 30,000 years back in time, to when the largest mammals roamed the earth in the corner that we now call Europe. Visitors came face to face with giant mammoths, sabre tooth cats, giant deer, hyenas, the woolly rhinoceros, cave bear and all sorts of other flora and fauna from that era. It was a one-time exhibition, for only three months exclusively on display in Amsterdam.


Visitors also discovered the fascinating world of the Neanderthals during the Ice Age. What do we currently know about that world? Which plants and animals existed back then? How did the Neanderthals live? The Neanderthal exhibits included hunting scenes, tools and the mysteries surrounding the world’s oldest artistic expressions, the European cave and rock paintings.


Visitors that were more interested in fossils and bones, also got their money’s worth. During the ice age, the North Sea as a very green and water rich steppe region, where many animals lived. Because of fishing and waterworks, many fossils and bones suface. Because there are so many bones found, visitors could even touch them!

Poster Giants of the Ice Age


For Giants of the Ice Age we partnered up with the Neanderthal Museum in Germany, that works on improving the image of the Neanderthal. They also own a large collection of photos from Heinrich Wendel, who photographed many prehistoric caves between 1964 and 1980. We also worked closely together with the archeology and history museum MAMUZ in Austria, as well as with the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Jesolo in Italy.


About 30,000 years ago, the Netherlands and the North Sea were home to many of the giant ice age mammals. Together with the Dutch national history museum Naturalis, we developed a gallery specifically about the Netherlands in the Ice Age. Fossils, bones and other evidence from that era were on display in this gallery, in front of a diorama of times long ago.

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