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Dressed by Angels

London’s own Angel Customiers has been supplying clothing and accessories to the entertainment industry since 1813, and owns almost 13 kilometers of hanging costume. Their wares have dressed actors in Oscar-winning films, Tony Award-winning plays, summer blockbusters and classic British TV series. Together with Angel Costumiers, we created a one-off exhibition to celebrate their 175th anniversary, called Dressed by Angels. It was on display at the Old Truman Brewery in London. A dazzling exhibition that was fun, fascinating and informative for all the film lovers and fashionistas in the world.

Many of the costumes were originals but where the original no longer exists, the costume had been recreated by the Angels team, who, through contextual research, have remade the costume using materials that would’ve been used at the time.

Poster dressed by angels

Angel Costumiers’ history in costumes

The exhibition featured 100 carefully curated costumes that spanned the 175 year history of the company. On display were clothing, shoes and accessories, made especially for Fred Astaire, Laurence Olivier, Meryl Streep and many more, as well as photographs, letters and artifacts that give an insight into the exhibits’ history. Arranged in date order, the costumes lead visitors through the early Victorian era right through to the present day, with interactive elements such as measurement forms and a workshop room along the way. A central display featured outfits you won’t fail to recognize, thanks to their starring roles in the likes of Titanic, Indiana Jones and Queen Elizabeth I.

Founded by German immigrant Daniel Angel

The exhibition charts the founding of the company by German tailor Daniel Angel when he came to London in 1813. He lived in the well-known area of Seven Dials, which became home to many immigrants flocking to London and a marketplace for second- or third-hand goods. This is where Daniel Angel began his business with a second-hand clothing shop. He was a pioneer in the hire business, being one of the first costumiers to allow actors to borrow clothing for auditions. The history of the company is scattered throughout the exhibition, amidst the different eras of costumes and expansion of the business. Making it through two World Wars and some legal difficulties, the company still stands today and continues to create and rent out costumes.

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